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Donnie has had a long love of music dating back to singing in high school occasionally with a local cover band and learning some chords on his dad's twelve string yamaha. He was interested in the guitar at an early age, and really started playing with friends in college at Memphis State University. Memphis Tennessee is where he gets his roots in Blues, Country, and of course Rock n Roll. Each of these styles show up in his original work as well as some of the special arrangements he does of popular rock and pop songs. In the late 90's he helped start an acoustic Christmas caroling band along with fellow TrainWreck founder Bear Meiring. After a move to Colorado and several years of mixing Christmas tunes with rock and playing Christmas parties, 'The Band' started to take shape and were offered to play other parties. In 2006 the six members of TrainWreck embarked on a magical musical journey that gave Donnie the basis for most of his musical endeavors. Since Donnie has been splitting time between Colorado and Mexico since 2010 the band plays only occasionally these days - you can check out their page here.
Donnie has been playing in the Mayan Riviera since 2011 - at first collaborating with other musicians and later learning to play solo and still be engaging enough to fill a bar. He also DJ'd and hosted karaoke for a few years to pay the bills while the guitar act was taking shape. Donnie brings a wide variety of musical styles to his solo act. Being a singer/songwriter he is influenced by the likes of Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, and Roger Clyne among others. In 2015 he made the switch to primarily playing solo and has been regularly playing resorts in the Playa del Carmen area as well as the usual bar gigs. He released a few original single demo tracks in 2015 and has just released a debut studio album in September 2016. The album has 8 original tracks and 2 cover songs including country, folk, rock, blues, and funk. You can listen to or download the album here. If you want to check out a list of cover songs that Donnie plays at gigs, check out this link, there are audio and video tracks to go along with some of the listed songs.
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